Massage Therapy

Holistic massage therapy combining Tuina and Thai massage techniques with holistic and deep tissue massage

I have had experience with some very respected educators in bodywork.  My massage journey started in 2009 with a 4-month long Thai massage training in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, where I studied mainly with the Sunshine Massage School.  My training continued in London, where I studied Western massage techniques (mainly Swedish and deep tissue massage) with the renowned London School of Massage. I also practice Tuina (Chinese medical massage), which I studied at the City College of London.

Eastern and Western massage styles are quite different in their approach and have their specific advantages, effective in their own manner.

Eastern massage tends to involve healing based on Qi flow along pathways, also called meridians. It works holistically and looks more at the bigger picture: practitioners are trained to view the body as a unified system that incorporates body, mind and spirit. Therefore, its main aim is bringing about integration of mind and body, where the body is restored to its natural balance. The massage involves pressure, rocking, striking, rolling, vibration.

Western massage tends to separate the body by its different functions and focus more on the physical aspect with a more mechanistic approach to problem diagnosis and addresses the problem more directly by working mainly on painful areas, soothing sore muscles and promoting relaxation by using a lot of gliding, tapping and kneading.

Learning different massage techniques allows me to personalise treatments and to integrate all disciplines into one effective experience. Western and eastern techniques are combined according to your needs, therefore they can vary from soft, soothing and relaxing to strong deep tissue massage aimed at releasing long term held adhesions in the muscles. Most of my clients tell me my technique is quite unique, never boring, and it leaves them freer and more harmonised in their body.

In my practice, whenever suitable, I use massage at the end of the acupuncture session, but I also offer massage therapy in one hour sessions.

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