IVF / IUI and Preconception Planning

Acupuncture treatment can help couples going through IVF to achieve pregnancy

One of the most common forms of assisted reproductive therapies is in vitro fertilisation (IVF). During the course of an IVF treatment the ovaries are stimulated to produce eggs which will be retrieved and fertilised with sperm, allowed to develop and transferred to the uterus.

The use of acupuncture to enhance the effects of IVF is increasingly acknowledged by Western fertility clinics. Studies have shown that acupuncture treatment can help couples going through IVF achieve pregnancy.

Acupuncture can

  • regulate hormones
  • increase ovarian function
  • improve the quality of the eggs
  • improve the blood flow to the endometrium lining

Many couples ask for acupuncture treatment once the IVF treatment has already started. This can be greatly helpful, however the likelihood of treatment success is greatly enhanced if they were to start treatment three to four months prior to commencing IVF treatment. This would enable me to improve the terrain by bringing your body into a healthier and more receptive state.

Generally, couples report being more relaxed and find the IVF process emotionally and physically easier. Acupuncture can also help minimise the effects of medication, such as nausea.

A recent study shows that conception rates increased to 51% once acupuncture was administered before and after transfers as compared to 36% without acupuncture.